Proven Dating Technique: How To Use Variance


Years ago when I was experimenting with various dating techniques, I discovered an interesting dynamic with women which manifested in two different ways. I used to wear a fancy suit (though usually without a tie) for every date I had with a woman. First date, second date, third date, etc. After the second or third date,… Continue Reading →

Relationship Advice and Hypocrisy

bristol palin

A few days ago, Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, and advocate/spokesperson for abstinence, teen pregnancy prevention, and sexual responsibility, announced that she was pregnant, yet again. Once again, it was out of wedlock, and this time with a different baby daddy than before. She was bitchy about it at her blog, saying things like,… Continue Reading →

Women’s Greatest Problem: The Myth of the Submissive Alpha Male


Today I will describe the number one problem for Western women in the modern era. It’s something I’ve alluded to before but never described in detail. When looking to get a long-term boyfriend or husband, modern day women have only two options: 1. Get a beta male who will obey her and conform to her… Continue Reading →

Internet Personality Types


I’m going to do something a little different today, and talk about blogging in general and internet discourse in particular. Perhaps this information will help you if you intend to become a successful blogger someday (which many of you should and learn how). Over the last eight years, I have read and commented on many… Continue Reading →

Men Are Against Men Too


It’s easy for men to blame women for all the problems men are having in society these days. It’s much less work to assume that conditions like alimony, fatherlessness, financial divorce rape, etc, are all the fault of those evil, selfish women. It’s not that simple. It’s not just women’s fault that men have these problems. It’s… Continue Reading →

Slut Shaming Revisited


I have discussed the topic of slut shaming on this blog before, and I also analyzed it in the Alpha Male 2.0 book. Today, I’m going to respond to two specific points that slut shamers often make which I have not delved into before. I’ll state my bias right up front. I think that women… Continue Reading →