Strong, Independent Woman? Are You Sure That’s What You Are?

You are not a strong, independent woman if you demand he “put a ring on it.” You are not a strong, independent woman if you require any alimony or spousal support to pay your bills. You are not a strong, independent woman if you’ve ever cried at work because you were upset or didn’t get your way. You are not a strong, independent woman if you still live with your mom or … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Get A Second Date

Often I get questions from guys who have a pretty easy time getting first dates from online dating or “day2s” from daygame, but have real trouble getting that second date. Before we get into specifics on how to improve your second date ratios, I need to repeat that all-too-important concept: dating and seduction is a numbers game. You cannot avoid this. You cannot deny this. Most importantly, you cannot let this make … Continue reading

A New Phase

Well, it’s finally happened. I knew that eventually this day would come and I’ve been preparing for it. Now that it’s happened, it’s presenting some interesting scenarios. I don’t talk much about my personal life on here. This post probably won’t apply to 95% of you, since it’s unlikely you’ll ever be a public figure, nor want to be. But today I thought I would relay something interesting that’s happened in my … Continue reading

How Marriage Would Work In A Free Society

A while back I explained how child support would work in a free society. Today I will explain exactly how marriage would work in a free, small government, libertarian society where government stayed the hell out of your personal life and where you would be allowed to conduct your love life as you see fit. People don’t realize that today, marriage is a three-way contract between you, your spouse, and the state. If/when … Continue reading

How To Move In With A Woman – Step-By-Step Instructions

This article is an amalgamation and summation of a topic I’ve talked about at various points on this blog. Today I’ll give you an easy, single place to get the basic info. If you want more detail on this topic, you should get this ebook or this one. Let’s say you have an OLTR you really care for and want to move in with for whatever reason. Maybe you want to be with … Continue reading

I’m Not Trying To Piss You Off, I’m Trying To Help You

These days I’m only on my personal Facebook perhaps once a month, if that. When I do hop on and take a look, I consider it a fun tool for human examination. Drama, Societal Programming, and Obsolete Biological Wiring are all on display on Facebook. It makes for interesting scientific (and not-so-scientific) observations about human behavior. The other day I was on there looking through the news feed of my FB friends, at least 30% … Continue reading

My Journey with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) – Part 4

Another update today after being on TRT for about five months. If you have not read parts 1-3, you probably should before reading this post or you won’t know what’s going on. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 As I type these words, I have been on TRT for about 18 weeks. As I discussed in the prior installment, everything was going great in terms of weight lifting (massive gains), sperm count (now zero!) and … Continue reading

How To Handle Valentine’s Day

Yayyyy!!! It’s that time of year again! You know what time it is! Soon it will be Kiss A Woman’s Ass For Absolutely No Reason Day, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Yes, yes indeed. Our favorite day of the year. That wonderful time of year where the woman (or women) in your life cross their arms and glare at you, expecting you to buy them things, take them out, be as creatively romantic … Continue reading

Share Everything, Co-Own Nothing

This is an analogy I use in one of my ebooks that I’m going to expand upon here. The Co-Owned Shovel Let’s say you have a next door neighbor, and both of you need a good, solid shovel for some outdoor projects. In order to save money, you both go in 50/50 for a really fantastic, $200 shovel. You each kick in $100. Now you both co-own the shovel 50/50. You both decide to … Continue reading

The Online Dating Profile I Wish I Could Write

Below is the online dating profile I, and many other men, wish they could write on a dating site. I do not recommend writing up a profile like this; it won’t work. It directly assaults women’s Societal Programming and thus women will turn away in droves. This is just an interesting thought experiment. What if I could write an online dating profile that was 100% blunt, honest, and up-front about absolutely everything, … Continue reading

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