How to Completely Screw Up a First Date

I stumbled across this video while looking for a completely different video (you know how that happens?) and was riveted. This woman is describing the exact same behaviors many other women have described regarding men on first dates. The man she describes pretty much goes down the entire list of everything I talk about regarding first dates and does the exact opposite. I realize we’re only getting the feminine side of the story here, … Continue reading

The 20 Second Rule

Many men are extremely uncomfortable with the technique of soft nexting, the single most effective technique in your relationship toolbox. That is, to nicely eject a woman out of your life for 2-7 days, ignore her completely during that time, and then resume the relationship like nothing ever happened once the nexting period is over. The main reason men don’t like this technique is because they’re usually monogamous and thus scared to death that … Continue reading

The (Lack of) Realism of Reducing the Odds of Divorce

A short while ago one of this blog’s readers put in a call to Stefan Molyneux’s internet radio show. The topic of the call was avoiding marriage. The call ended up being over two hours long and you’re welcome listen to it here or here. A quick aside before I get into this article. I think Stefan Molyneux is the smartest man on the internet, and outside of his positions on sex and relationships I … Continue reading

What Being Independent Really Means – Part 2

In the last part of this post, I laid out the three aspects of being independent, or at least as much as possible in today’s modern world. They are: 1. Independence from government interference. 2. Financial independence. 3. Sexual independence. I discussed independence from government in part one. Today I’ll discuss financial and sexual independence. Financial Independence The terms get a little tricky here so I have to qualify my definitions. Usually the … Continue reading

The Great Blackdragon Debate No. 2 – Complimenting Women’s Appearance

As promised, today I’m presenting the second Great Blackdragon Debate! This is where I “televise” a real debate on this blog, where a very brave dissenter and I go at it, and at the end you can decide who won. Today I will be debating Sebastiaan Vaz, who believes that my advice about not complimenting a woman’s appearance to get to sex faster is dead wrong. Please click here for a full description of … Continue reading

What Being Independent Really Means – Part 1

A recent post of mine sparked a discussion about what the word “independent” really means. What exactly does it look like if you’re independent? Are there “degrees” of independence or is it a black-and-white, yes-or-no thing? I’ve discussed this topic in-depth before and even wrote a book about it. First I’ll start with some of the objections I know I’ll get when I describe the concept of independence. In our modern age, it … Continue reading

Is Porn Good or Bad?

I get a surprising amount of questions about porn. Whether or not to watch it, whether I think it’s made society better or worse, practicing “no fap” to boost motivation, and various other things. Porn is a very big topic, so today I’m just going to lay out an overview, both as an editorial and as advice. I’m Not A Fan I’ll be right up front in stating my own bias. I’m … Continue reading

Strong, Independent Woman? Are You Sure That’s What You Are?

You are not a strong, independent woman if you demand he “put a ring on it.” You are not a strong, independent woman if you require any alimony or spousal support to pay your bills. You are not a strong, independent woman if you’ve ever cried at work because you were upset or didn’t get your way. You are not a strong, independent woman if you still live with your mom or … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Get A Second Date

Often I get questions from guys who have a pretty easy time getting first dates from online dating or “day2s” from daygame, but have real trouble getting that second date. Before we get into specifics on how to improve your second date ratios, I need to repeat that all-too-important concept: dating and seduction is a numbers game. You cannot avoid this. You cannot deny this. Most importantly, you cannot let this make … Continue reading

A New Phase

Well, it’s finally happened. I knew that eventually this day would come and I’ve been preparing for it. Now that it’s happened, it’s presenting some interesting scenarios. I don’t talk much about my personal life on here. This post probably won’t apply to 95% of you, since it’s unlikely you’ll ever be a public figure, nor want to be. But today I thought I would relay something interesting that’s happened in my … Continue reading

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