Online Dating and Location

(Thanks to Jay for bringing this topic up.) Today is something I have never discussed in detail. This is the regional differences you will encounter that will negatively or positively affect your online dating success. Obviously, most of my online dating experience has been in the areas where I’ve lived, which is in the Seattle / Portland area. Regardless, for over six years now I’ve talked to hundreds of men all over the Western world … Continue reading

Quick Update on Hardcover and Softcover Alpha Male 2.0 Book

Really quick, since I’m getting a lot of email about this: I tried my hardest to get the Alpha Male 2.0 book, currently available as a $9 ebook, released on hardcover and softcover before Christmas. Due to circumstances way beyond my control, that’s not going to happen. Long story short, the paper book publishing world moves very, very slowly. I don’t want to release the book over the Christmas or New Years … Continue reading

The Best Life Path For Women

Jen recently commented on my day-in-the-life post, asking a very well-informed and honest question. She clearly has read most of my articles here and her question is one I’ve received before. So, I just happened on your blog today and I’ve been reading through the archives. It’s very interesting, and it’s this current post that is helping me articulate the following question. Clearly you love your daughter very much and are proud … Continue reading

My Journey with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) – Part 3

Today is the next installment in my TRT journal. Before reading this you should read part 1 and part 2 in this series if you have not yet, or else you won’t be up to speed on what’s going on. Mastered The Process At about five weeks into the program, I finally felt I had the entire process of injections and blood tests mastered. I switched from injecting in the thigh to injecting … Continue reading

Unchained Man – Alpha Male 2.0 Book Comments / Questions Thread

A few of you have asked to have a place where you could make comments and/or ask questions about the Unchained Man book. I have some stuff planned for a little later but you guys shouldn’t have to wait, so here it is. Feel free to place a comment on this post regarding any comment or question you have regarding the book and I will participate. Please keep the comments on-topic to … Continue reading

Fun With Theory: The Perfect Online Dating Site

Welcome to another entry in the Fun With Theory series! Today we’ll venture into the realm of the theoretical and hypothetical. Recently I was talking to a few people about how the ideal online dating site would work. This really got me thinking. What if I had two or three million dollars laying around that I didn’t need, and wanted to start my own online dating site that I actually knew would get … Continue reading

Beta Male Behaviors To Avoid

Today I’m going to describe some real-life beta male behaviors exhibited by some of the men my FBs and MLTRs have dated over the last several years. All of these stories are 100% accurate (based on my memory) and I am not exaggerating any of the details. See if you can pick out similar behaviors YOU may have engaged in, now or in the past. Needy Boy A few years ago a MLTR … Continue reading

Oneitis Is Action, Not Thought

Oneitis is one of the most important topics we can discuss. One of the most important blog posts I ever made here was on this topic. There is still some confusion out there about what oneitis is and is not. Here’s a common statement I see men use occasionally: I have oneitis! I think about this girl all the time! We’re not monogamous, I only see her once a week and never initiate … Continue reading

Purchase The Alpha Male 2.0 Book NOW

It’s taken me over two years to write. It’s the most important and comprehensive piece of work I’ve ever written in over 20 years of writing. It’s over 400 pages of proven principles and techniques that will change your life for the better. It’s a step-by-step manual on how to develop the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, as it applies to your mind, your life, your women, and your money. It will help you … Continue reading

Ordering The Alpha Male 2.0 Book

The countdown has begun! Here’s what’s happening. The book The Unchained Man: The Alpha Male 2.0 will be available for ordering starting first thing in the morning, 12:01am Pacific Standard Time on Friday November 21st. (That’s right after midnight on Thursday night.) You will be able to order the book at this web site: I will also be doing another blog post here with links on Friday morning. Anyone who orders the book … Continue reading

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