Why Get A Prenup At All? Why Move In With A Woman At All?

Lately a few of you have given me the following criticisms: “BD, why are you talking to guys about what to do if you move in with a woman? That’s crazy! You should NEVER move in with a woman EVER.” or “BD, why you always telling guys to get prenups? That’s crazy! You should NEVER get legally married EVER!” As I’ve discussed before, it’s humorous to me that I have to not only fight the … Continue reading

Vasectomy – Pros and Cons

I get a lot of questions about whether or not to get a vasectomy. The last time I received an email about this, I realized I had never addressed it on the blog. As always, you guys give me good topics, so today is the day. Let’s get the disclaimer over with first. I am not a doctor and am in no way qualified to render medical advice. Do not take medical advice … Continue reading

Why Women Don’t Lose Weight

When I saw this article cross my path, I stopped and read it even though it was written by a woman and aimed at women. The summary of the article is an author/blogger (Jenny Perry, pictured above) lost 60 pounds, going from typical fat American mom to hottie (or at least hottie for her age, for you more picky types). I have talked before about how it seems like just about all women I know … Continue reading

Alpha Male Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden named Red Riding Hood, so called for her blood red hood and cloak she regularly donned. One day she went to her mother, telling her she desired to deliver some Taco Bell to her ailing grandmother, who lived alone in the deep woods. “Very well,” said her mother, “But remember to stay on the path and never deviate, my daughter, for the woods are … Continue reading

Alimony Helped Kill Robin Williams

…and I’ll prove it. You already know that Robin Williams killed himself a few days ago. Hearing the news made me feel a little sick. Williams was a genius, a man I grew up watching as a child and teenager and studied as an adult for my own professional speaking. I hate hearing news like this. You’re going to hear a lot about Robin Williams over the next few weeks, but there’s one … Continue reading

Serial Monogamy Marriage

I’m going to describe a very interesting Alpha Male 1.0 phenomenon that I’ve been seeing more of over recent years. This is something becoming more common both in and outside of the manosphere. Most of you already know my recommendations to combat the current high divorce rates, along with the clear indication that human beings hate being long-term monogamous even though they often enjoy being short-term monogamous. If you really want to get serious or “settle … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Dating / Relationship Questions and Objections

What follows are some of the the most common questions and objections I get regarding my dating and relationship advice. These are different from objections people use to defend monogamy, which I already addressed right here. Here they are, in no particular order: 1. “You advise to only see a woman once a week. That’s insane! How can I possibly have a serious or meaningful relationship by only seeing someone once a week?” You’re misunderstanding my … Continue reading

How My Typical Year Looks

Going over my 2014 battle plan, it occurred to me that while my day-to-day life is quite varied, most of my years tend to follow a similar flow. January through December are filled with all kinds of different things every year, but most years tend to follow the same overall structure. Much of this I do on purpose, since there are certain things that are best done at certain times of the year. … Continue reading

Wives Withholding Sex From Their Husbands

Last week many of you emailed and Facebooked me links to a sad yet educational event on Reddit. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, a husband created a spreadsheet tracking all the times he asked his wife for sex, notating when she said no along with the excuses she used. The wife found the spreadsheet and slapped it up on Reddit, in an attempt to shame her husband. She … Continue reading

10 Steps On How To Create The Ultimate Online Dating Photo

This is an online dating technique I have used several times, and it’s worked very well every time I’ve tried it. The very first time I tested it out it doubled my response rate. It’s something I’ve mentioned once before, but today I’m going explain it in detail. The Ultimate Online Dating Photo (UODP) technique is only recommended for men who are ugly, average-looking, overweight, or much older than the women they are … Continue reading

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