Wives Withholding Sex From Their Husbands

Last week many of you emailed and Facebooked me links to a sad yet educational event on Reddit. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, a husband created a spreadsheet tracking all the times he asked his wife for sex, notating when she said no along with the excuses she used. The wife found the spreadsheet and slapped it up on Reddit, in an attempt to shame her husband. She … Continue reading

10 Steps On How To Create The Ultimate Online Dating Photo

This is an online dating technique I have used several times, and it’s worked very well every time I’ve tried it. The very first time I tested it out it doubled my response rate. It’s something I’ve mentioned once before, but today I’m going explain it in detail. The Ultimate Online Dating Photo (UODP) technique is only recommended for men who are ugly, average-looking, overweight, or much older than the women they are … Continue reading

Relationship Problems: What To Do When A Girl Sees You With Another Girl

Over the last few weeks I’ve received several emails from guys in nonmonogamous relationships who have had the same problem (or concern): “What happens when I’m out with a girl, and I run into another girl I’m seeing / have seen recently?” This kind of thing can occasionally happen, especially if you date within a smaller town or region, or date various women within your social circle. I’m talking about when this happens … Continue reading

Divorce Statistics

I often point to the current high divorce rates as evidence of human beings not being creatures capable of, or even desirous of, absolute long-term monogamy, vastly preferring short-term monogamy and/or temporary marriages instead. Usually I refer to either the “standard” divorce rate most often quoted, which is “50%”, or another figure which is more reflective of people who live in major cities, or suburbs close to these cities, which is usually around 63-65% in the … Continue reading

Powerful Men Cheat, Women Put Up With It

I am about to show you that many women are anti-monogamy even though you would never expect it, nor would they ever admit it. It’s a point I’ve made before here, but today I’m going to show you even more evidence of this. Ready? Here is a recent post to the Dear Abby advice column. It is a copy and paste, but I bolded some of the type at the bottom. DEAR ABBY: … Continue reading

Alpha Male Fairy Tales: Snow White

Once upon a time, there was a great and noble king, whose heart was darkened when his beautiful wife was taken ill and passed away, leaving only their daughter, Snow White. In time, Snow White grew to become a stunning young woman, with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony, and breasts as large as melons. Eventually, the king remarried, this time to a … Continue reading

Manosphere Activism

This is one of those “prepare to be pissed off” posts. It’s honestly not my intention to piss you off, at least not today; I’m writing this because I get asked about this a lot, and I need a place to link to that fully describes my position on this. Today I’m going to describe what I think is probably the largest philosophical difference between myself and many of my brothers in the … Continue reading

Motherhood: The Toughest Job In The World?

This video went viral a few months ago. As I usually try to do, I waited to comment on it until after all the hullabaloo died down. Many of you emailed me about it at the time. I’m not at all surprised it went viral. It’s a very well-made video that directly bolsters a strong, politically-correct, Societal Programming message. That is, that motherhood is the “most important job” or the “toughest job” in the world. Let’s examine … Continue reading

Effective Answers To 8 Questions She Gives You In An Open Relationship

One of the reasons men fear trying open relationships is they worry about what to say when the woman they’re dating asks the hard questions. One of the reasons I wrote a free ebook about how to answer the “Are you still sleeping with other women?” question was to help men allay those fears. But that’s an entire ebook (albeit a short one), and there are many other questions you can get. … Continue reading

What Adulthood Really Means

Everyone has their own opinion on when exactly a child or adolescent becomes an “adult”. Societal Programming also plays a strong role in people’s views on exactly when a person should be treated like an adult or a “child”. This programming is so strong that very intelligent people can and do act very stupid when trying to describe their view on this. Some people believe that adulthood begins when you leave your parents’ home and … Continue reading

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