Why I Don’t Do One Night Stands

What’s the difference between spending money and investing money? The difference is when you spend money, it’s gone forever. When you invest money, you keep the money, and you get more money on top of that from your earned interest. It’s true that you must spend money to some degree on things like food, shelter, and little entertainment, but I think we can all agree that beyond that, investing money is better … Continue reading

The More the Expensive the Wedding, the Higher the Odds for a Divorce

Just when you thought marriage couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a recent study has shown the following: – Spending more than $2000 on your engagement ring increases the odds of divorce by 30%. Assuming you’re dumb enough to get monogamously married, remember that when your sweet little angel who is Not Like The Rest™ demands an expensive ring. “Oh come on! You can afford it! I thought you loved me!” – Spending more … Continue reading

5 Ways To Avoid False Rape Accustations

A reader emailed this question recently: Lots of college women are accusing men of rape just because they had consensual sex and then regretted it later, or because they had consensual sex when they had been drinking, etc. Do you think that a college man should treat the risk of being accused of rape in this way (i.e., resulting from consensual sex) as falling into your less-than-2%-category? Or does the risk justify a college … Continue reading

Order the Alpha Male 2.0 Hardcover or Softcover Book NOW

It’s taken me over two years to write. It’s the most important and comprehensive piece of work I’ve ever written in over 20 years of writing. It’s over 400 pages of proven principles and techniques that will change your life for the better. It’s a step-by-step manual on how to develop the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, as it applies to your mind, your life, your women, and your money. It will help you … Continue reading

Ordering the Hardcover or Softcover Alpha Male 2.0 Book

Hardcover and softcover copies of the The Unchained Man: The Alpha Male 2.0 book will go on sale at: 12:00am Pacific Standard Time this Friday, January 16th. That means midnight this Thursday evening (the 15th). If you order either the hardcover or softcover version of the book on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (the 16th – 18th) before midnight on Sunday evening, you will also receive the following EIGHT bonuses: 1. 30-Minute Podcast on Business Marketing. … Continue reading

When To Spend Money On Women In A Relationship

A while back I discussed when to spend money on women during the pre-sex dating phase. Today I’ll discuss when it’s a good idea, and bad idea, to spend money on women while in an ongoing relationship. First, let’s cover the two extremes most common in society, neither of which work if you want harmonious, happy, long-term, low-drama relationships with women. The most common extreme is the one most of us are … Continue reading

7 Observations Regarding Man-Woman Relations

I have spoken (or emailed or Skyped or communicated over forums or blogs) with hundreds, if not thousands of people regarding dating and relationships topics. I’ve also spent a lot of time observing people in these environments. Here are a few random, interesting things I’ve noticed. For once, I will not give my opinions as to why these things are (even though I certainly have them). Instead I’ll pretend I’m a scientist … Continue reading

Quick Update on Hardcover / Softcover Book

There’s been a one-week delay. It’s an Amazon / Ingram thing, outside of my control (but it’s still my fault, because all of my problems are!). Trust me, I’m more pissed about this than you. So unless there’s another fly in the ointment, the hardcover and softcover editions of The Unchained Man: The Alpha Male 2.0 will go on sale Friday, January 16th. You’ll get the bonuses over that weekend as usual. … Continue reading

Everything In Your Life Is Your Fault

Everything in your life is your fault. Does that piss you off? Good. Let’s make you even more angry. Your income, your weight, your sex life, your average level of happiness, and everything else like this is YOUR FAULT. That’s right. Yours. They aren’t your parents fault (assuming you’re well over age 18). They aren’t Barack Obama’s fault or George W. Bush’s fault. They aren’t your government’s fault (unless you live in a … Continue reading

Go Time, Go For It

No big post today. Just a reminder that on today, my favorite day of the year, January 2nd, Go Time has officially begun. The absolute best time to accomplish both your business/career goals and your woman goals is between January 2nd and May 31st. It’s a contiguous five-month block of non-fun weather and no major holidays (barring perhaps spring break for some). This means that A) you can focus and B) everyone is available and … Continue reading

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