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It’s been a little while, but I haven’t forgotten about all of you podcast lovers. It’s time once again to yell at you through your computer speakers or headphones, and we can both laugh while I do it. And maybe you’ll learn something too.

This is my first public podcast about relationships. Right click it to save the MP3 file, or left-click it to play it in your browser.

Its all yours right HERE. It’s 45 minutes. Have fun!

(My other podcasts are right here.)


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  1. lazy guy says

    Great, looking forward to it, soon as I get the right time.
    I really enjoyed your previous podcasts, for many reasons.
    It’s hilarious when you imitate women (such as gently lecturing “ASD, blah blah blah” or screeching like a harpie).
    Some of your material is such a refreshing relief from the usual BS brainwashing which is constantly bombarding us in this culture..

  2. Greg says

    If you have time, I’d suggest making a regular 60-90 minute podcast where you discuss the topics you blogged about for that month on all your blogs and the responses people made about them.

  3. BlackdragonBlackdragon says

    I don’t have nearly enough time for something like that, but I am planning on doing an Ask Me Anything video (or podcast) sometime this year.

  4. says

    I love the podcast. I like reading your blog. Given the choice I would rather listen and use my eyes to look at something that will:

    A. Make Me Money e.i. Real Estate, Derivatives, Internet Marketing
    B. Be Of the Tender Gender (in person preferably)

    Conversely, I would rather listen to you than the tender gender but we do what we have to do. I could rather crudely think of better uses “for which she speaks” but I digress.

    I have 10.00 on any new podcast you have. How many of me do you need to make it worth your while? Capitalism right? Put up a paypal link and I am ready.

    Some tune in to your brand because they need the advise. Others, such as myself, listen because I enjoy your mindset and I lack the skills to clone an accelerated version of myself so I can have a decent conversation about this topic. Keep up the good work!

  5. BlackdragonBlackdragon says

    Hm. I once considered selling my podcasts separately but never really pursued the idea. You’ve definitely got my wheels turning.

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